Thursday, April 10, 2008

Movin' and Groovin'

It's so amazing to me that just over a week ago I was fretting about Taylor not crawling yet, and now he's all over the place! As soon as he really got the moves mastered he wanted to see everything - what's hiding in the entertainment center, what's plugged into the outlets all around the living room, what's under mommy and daddy's bed, and what cat food tastes like. The discoveries are endless! Needless to say, Sean and I have been taking many more precautions when it comes to baby-proofing and keeping our curious little monkey out of danger. We have all our outlets covered, we installed a gate to keep Tay out of the kitchen (and away from cat food and the liter box), and we're much better at keeping things (food, wires, shoes) off the floor and out of reach. It has been a bit of a two-edged sword for me in that I now have a lot more time to do things around the house since Taylor can keep himself busy, but I'm also constantly having to check in on him to make sure he's staying out of trouble. He's just such a big boy and I love to watch him grow and learn new things every day.

Some other notable accomplishments of Mr. T:
- If you ask him where his tongue is he'll proudly stick it out at you.
- If I'm holding him and say "Where's mommy's nose?" he will poke my nose.
- He can officially splash so hard in the bath that he almost drowns himself AND mommy.
- He loves reading books and will hold up a book and point to me if he wants me to read it to him.

I'm getting really excited for his first birthday and have already started working on the invitations. It's kind of bittersweet that the first year of his little life has almost come to an end, but I look forward so much to watching him continue to grow and learn new things.


Anonymous said...
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Annalee said...
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Annalee said...

He is getting so big!! thats great hes crawling now! He is a smart little cookie!

Christine said...

I love watching little Taylor!

I'm excited to watch him grow up every week during our play dates. :-) Today was lots of fun, I REALLY needed it!

Westside Story said...

what a great kid you have Anne! I think you're a fabulous mommy too. I like your new color scheme. I have a blogger now but I need to edit my swearing before I link you! lol

I am finally almost officially divorced and doing GREAT! It's fun to see Jodee girls link and see her daughter Avery. She has a fascinating life doesn't she?

By the way I wanted to tell you how amazing you look and also share how inspiring it is to me to see you running and preparing for a marathon. You go girl! How is your ankle healing up?

Love ya.