Monday, June 22, 2009

Diddle Waddle

Here's a little audio clip that Sean recorded of Taylor singing a song from Barney. I think this may become my new ringer so I can hear it every time someone calls.

Seven Years

Seven years ago today I married my very best friend. I'm amazed how fast time flies! I love my husband more and more every day, and here are just a few reasons why:

1. He never complains about watching Taylor every night so that I can go to the gym and grocery shop in peace.
2. He has an amazing work ethic and takes his job seriously so that he can support us.
3. He has a really cute butt. (I can say that, right?)
4. He has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh.
5. He knows how to fix just about anything (and if he doesn't know, he's great at Googling the answer).
6. He supports me in every wacky idea I've ever had and doesn't rub it in my face if my plans don't work out so well.
7. He's an amazing kisser.
8. He's the strongest man I know in so many ways.
9. He holds the Priesthood of God and is a man of amazing faith.
10. He is an incredible father to our son and has a way of communicating with him that I find absolutely fascinating.

I love you, sweetheart! Here's to another seven amazing, adventurous years together!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To the father of my baby boy - I'm crazy about you. You have been the most amazing father to our little Tay Bug. You are such an example to me in everything you do and say. I'm grateful to be able to raise a family with you and watch you interact with our son.

To the father that raised me - I adore you. You are an incredible rock in my life and I admire so many qualities you posses. You are so dear to my heart and I will forever be your little girl. I love you and am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for being such an amazing father and grandfather.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Orem Firefighters 5K

Completely disregarding my pulled calf muscle and gimpy knee, I ran my first 5K of the year on Saturday morning. My injuries aside I actually did pretty well; the key was pacing myself and not caring if a bunch of people passed me. I just kept a steady stride and was able to run the whole race without injuring myself any further or getting a side stitch (something I get almost every time I run). The weather was great - it rained a bit at the beginning of the run and stayed overcast the rest of the time - keeping the sun out of my eyes and the temperatures cool. I finished with a time of 35:10, the best time I've had for a 5K so far.

The best part of the morning came after the run when they raffled off prizes donated by their sponsors. Most of them were small - water bottles, backpacks, helmets, flashlights, and a few small dome tents. They got down to the last prizes and they were a lot bigger - the biggest of which came at the very end. Up to that point I hadn't won anything, and I leaned over to the lady next to me and told her that I've never won anything in a raffle after a race, but I always stay for the whole thing just in case. Well it was a good thing I did because I won the last prize - a large Grizzly two-person sleeping bag that retails for $160! I'm still so excited that I won it. We'll definitely be putting it to good use this summer.

It was a great morning and I'm looking forward to doing more races this summer. My next race is the Freedom Festival 5K in Provo on the fourth of July. I can't wait!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hooray for summer!

I know it's not officially here yet, but we here at the Nichols household are diggin' this warm weather!

To see more of our little photo shoot last night, go to my photography blog.