Friday, November 30, 2007

Flashback Friday

Okay, so I saw this done on another blog and thought I'd try it out. Every Friday I'm going to post older pics of us and talk about what we were doing at the time, just to shake things up a bit and give me more to blog about.

This week - our engagement pictures. My grandpa took these pictures for us and we were goofing off WAY too much during the shoot. In fact I think only 2 pictures were actually good enough to be used in our announcements. It's so crazy to think that these pictures were taken over 5 years ago...

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Here's my very favorite one - pretty much describes us perfectly:

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And the one we ended up using in our announcements:

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We are so crazy sometimes...

Okay, all the time...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My funny kid

Taylor was laughing hysterically the other day while I played with him and Sean got some of it on video. He cracks me up with his funny little laugh...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving pics

The Jacobs' family got together for Thanksgiving at my grandparent's ward (because our family is too big to meet anywhere else) and we had lots of fun! It was really nice to see my cousins that live down in Cedar City and everyone was so excited to see Taylor. He was really tired and desperately needed a nap, but he was patient and smiley with everyone. He also had his first baby food - squash! He really loved it and I think he was happy to be eating with all of us, although he kept ogling everyone else's plates piled with REAL food. Sorry little guy - maybe next year!

So here are a few of my favorite pics from that day -

Tay and his favorite auntie (okay, his ONLY auntie):
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Taylor giggling with cousin Lu:
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Taylor and Mommy:
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Our happy family:
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We had so much fun and I'm looking forward to many more Thanksgivings with my little one.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that Taylor did really well at his 6-month checkup. He's growing and developing really well and the doctor was really surprised that he's already sitting up on his own. He had to get 4 more shots, which just KILLS me, but he did well and went right to sleep as soon as we got home, as opposed to his 4-month shots when he just cried and cried for hours afterward. Poor baby...

Anyhoo, here are his current stats:
- Weight: 17lb 8oz (58th percentile)
- Length: 27.75in (90th percentile)
- Head: 17.5in (73rd percentile)

Is anyone surprised that I have a long skinny dude? I mean just look at his daddy! hehe...

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

So thankful...

I'm still in complete disbelief that Taylor will be 6 months old the day after tomorrow. The time has gone by so fast, and yet there's a part of me that feels like he's been with us forever. I find myself watching married couples who don't have kids and wonder what it was like back when it was just Sean and I. Being a parent is such an amazing experience. I've never been more happy, tired, frustrated, emotional, and full of love as I have been the past 6 months. That little boy means so much to Sean and I, and it's a completely different love than you'd have for anyone else, even your spouse. I think the quote really is true that says, "Deciding to be a parent is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body." My little boy is growing more and more every day, and the more he grows the more I look forward to having more children and watching them all grow.

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Taylor and his kitty:
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"See mom, I TOLD you I could sit up by myself!"
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So since Thanksgiving is this week, I thought I'd make a list of some of the things I'm most thankful for. Here goes...

I'm thankful for...
- My husband - for forgiving me every time I mess up and never saying "I told you so"
- My son - who teaches me so much more than I could ever teach him
- Old friends I get to go through new adventures with (Christine)
- My mom - the most caring, compassionate person I've ever known
- My Aunt Holly and Uncle Buba - they've given us more than we could possibly repay and their prayers have wrought amazing miracles in my life. I truly believe that Heavenly Father has worked through them to bless our lives in so many ways.
- My health - something I'm sure I'll continue to take advantage of as long as I have it.
- My sense of humor - sometimes the only thing that keeps me from completely losing it.
- A warm home, food in my cupboards, and a reliable car to drive
- My knowledge of the gospel and the Book of Mormon - the sure compass I need daily to help keep me focused, faithful, and humble.
- My big, loud, obnoxious extended family - can't live without them, DEFINITELY can't live with them. LOL...
- Provo - The city that grows on me daily.

So there you have it - just a few of the many blessings I'm thankful for. I hope everyone reading this has a great week and a fantastic Thanksgiving. Be safe and count your blessings!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Missing my mommy...

My mom had her gallbladder removed yesterday up at the U of U hospital. My aunt and I took our little ones up to see her and then stayed with her at my grandma's house for a while during her first hours of recovery. She was in a lot of pain and had troubles with some of the medication they gave her. I felt so bad that there wasn't more I could do and she was in pretty bad shape when we left last night. It sounds like she's doing a bit better this morning, but I wish that we lived closer to her so that I could play a more active role in her recovery. My mommy has always been there to take care of me when I'm not feeling well and was especially great while I was recovering from my c-section with Taylor. I love her so much and it kills me to see her so uncomfortable and in so much pain. I hope she starts feeling better soon...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love Grandpa's shoes!

For some reason Taylor is absolutely amazed by my dad's shoes. Every time Grandpa holds him he immediately looks down at his shoes. It's so funny what babies do sometimes...

Here's a video of him keeping a close eye on my dad's feet. Sorry it's so dark; our camera isn't the greatest, especially at night.

Funny kid...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cute hair and a cute outfit

Things have been pretty busy around here lately so I haven't had much time to post. Taylor just keeps growing and I can't believe he's almost 6 months old already. Time sure flies when you're changing diapers and watching cartoons all day. hehe! He's just so much fun and I love him more and more every day.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd post some new pictures for everyone. These aren't really related but I couldn't decide which ones I liked more. :)

This is what Taylor's hair looks like right after I dry it when he gets out of the tub. He's so dang cute!!
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And here's Taylor's new cute puppy outfit from Aunt Holly:
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I love my sweet little boy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Me and Grandma

I love my mom so much and she's such a fun grandma. She comes out to our house every Wednesday to help me around the house and Taylor just loves her. He cuddles with her and LOVES to chew on her pretty fingernails. I'm really lucky that she cares so much for us and is so good with Tay. My mom is one of the most giving people I know and I'm so thankful for her.

I took this picture last week and it's one of my favorites:
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I love my mommy!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Better late than never...

Due to crazy sickness circulating through our family resulting in a very sad baby and a very sleep-deprived mommy, it's taken me this long to post pictures from Halloween.

Halloween night was pretty uneventful, but fun. My mom and sister came over and we all hung out and watched movies. We dressed Taylor up for pictures but he was kinda cranky and didn't want to be in his costume for long. Here are my favorite pics from that night -

I'm a friendly dinosaur!
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And I'm also scared of the camera flash!
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Taylor with Grandma:
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Auntie Kristi and Tay:
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Our happy family:
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Sorry some of the eyes look weird in these pictures. I tried to correct the red-eye and they kinda went screwy. So no, I don't have two different colored eyes. :)