Saturday, July 16, 2011

Physical Therapy.

As many of you know, my knees have been giving me trouble on and off for several years now. Because of my knee pain I've had to give up running altogether and switch to the elliptical machine. That worked for a while, but gradually even working on the elliptical machine absolutely killed. The pain gradually got worse and worse, and my knee would bother me after simple activities like walking up the stairs or pushing a cart around the grocery store.

Well I finally decided I'd had enough and went to see an orthopedic surgeon. He took some x-rays, did a few tests, and asked me about a million questions about when, where, and how badly the pain is in my knee. He diagnosed me with IT Band Syndrome (commonly referred to as "Runner's Knee") and prescribed six weeks of physical therapy. I wasn't particularly happy about this, but hey it's better than surgery, right?

I started therapy at Timpanogos Hospital this past Wednesday and it's going pretty well. I really like my therapist and although my knee is pretty sore after my therapy sessions, it does seem to be working. I feel like the muscles around my knee are getting stronger every day, and I'm really hoping that I come out of this stronger and better able to handle daily cardio workouts without pain.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My little screamer

Oliver has recently found his voice, and although he occasionally coos and babbles his main form of communication is screams and screeches. Sometimes it's cute, and sometimes it's not so cute.

Here's a (cute) video of Ollie screaming at Taylor in the tub:

Oliver screaming at Tay from Anne Nichols on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Impromptu Robot Costume

I cut up a car window shade to fit in the moon roof of our Element, and Taylor and I decided we'd make him a robot costume from the scrap pieces. He was so excited about dressing up like a robot! Not bad for a $3 shade and some electrical tape, eh?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Long-Sleeved Tee Makeover

I absolutely love Target's Mossimo Tissue Tees and wear them almost daily in the fall and winter. I had a grey long-sleeve tissue tee that was still in decent condition, but the tips of the sleeves had holes in them from the last two years of wear. Rather than toss it out I thought I'd give it a little summer makeover.

I started by cutting the sleeves short and refinishing the hem. Because I didn't have grey thread on hand I went with a pretty teal. I then opened the neckline a bit, again finishing the hem in teal. Then I got a bit crafty and cut strips from the parts of the leftover sleeve that were still in good condition, as well as some teal faux suede fabric I've had for several years now. I basted the edges of the teal fabric and the center of the grey fabric, then pulled tight to form ruffles. I then positioned the ruffles down the front of the shirt, pinned, and zigzag stitched them into place permanently.

What do you think? I really love the way it came out, and it's now got me on a sewing frenzy. I'm sure I'll post some more projects soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My funny little cowboy

Last week Taylor decided to don his cowboy hat and rain boots to ride the range on his stick horse.

Is this not the most adorable little cowboy you've ever seen? Now if he'd just wear some clothes...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My birthday gift to me

I really, really, really wanted a pair of Doc Marten boots for my birthday this year, so I bought them for myself!

I love them so much I think I may wear them to bed.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A rainy 4th

We loved seeing the firework show at Pleasant Grove Junior High on the 4th of July last year, so we decided to go again this year. When we got there it was really cloudy and soon after getting all our stuff set up it started raining. Luckily in one of our bags was the cover for our camping tent, and we found a section of fence and fashioned ourselves a little shelter from the storm.

Taylor absolutely loved our little makeshift tent.

So did Mommy and Ollie.

It took me almost a whole box of matches to finally get one that would stay burning long enough to light a sparkler, but it was worth it to see how excited Taylor got when we finally gave him one to play with.

My mom was nice enough to take Oliver home when he was ready for bed so that I could stay with Sean and Tay to watch the fireworks. This was the first year that Taylor was really into the show, and watching his little face light up was more fun than actually watching the show.

Even with the rain we had a lot of fun. I hope everyone had a great 4th!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A day with the Cunninghams

One of my very best friends Nicole and her family live in Iowa right now while her hubby is going to chiropractic school. They've been gone for a couple of years now, and the only time we can visit with them is when they come to visit for a few days every summer. Last night was our once-a-year visit, and it was so nice to see them again!

Nicole and the boys came over so Tay could play with them and us girls could visit for a while, and then when the hubbies got home we took the kiddos for dinner at Zupas. It was great to visit with them and I was so sad when they had to hit the road again.

These kiddos are so cute together, and I'm already looking forward to next summer when we get to see them again!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chillin' in the shade

We spent Sunday morning cleaning out the car, and while we did Ollie relaxed in Tay's carseat in the shade. It was super hot so we let Oliver have a few sips from my water mug. He loved it and was really good at drinking from a straw. He's so cute!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Seven Months

Oliver is seven months old today, and what a month this has been! Ollie has been super busy growing and learning and he just gets more fun by the second.

Some tidbits about our little one this month:

Oliver is an eating machine. He eats three times a day and has a fruit and veggie at every meal. His favorite fruit is pears and his favorite veggie is squash.

He is now sitting up on his own, though he still has a tumble every once in a while. He loves being able to sit and play with toys, and he also uses it to launch himself toward toys that are just a bit out of his reach. I have a feeling this curious little man will be crawling very soon.

Ollie is petrified of taking baths in the tub. I'm not sure if the room itself is scary or if the tub is just really big and intimidating, but every time I put him in it he screams his head off. So we decided to try something new - the kitchen sink! He really loved it. He was obsessed with the faucet and loved splashing and moving his hands around under the water. I think we'll do sink baths for a while, at least until he gets too big for it.

Taylor and Oliver have started hanging out more together. They obviously can't play together for long periods of time, but Taylor loves to sit with his baby brother and give him toys and read him books. I just love that my boys love each other.

I've been taking biotin supplements to help my hair grow faster, and I think that it's also been affecting Ollie's hair growth as well. You wouldn't know it because his hair looks so fine, but it's super long on top. The other night I brushed it into a little mohawk. So cute!

Like most babies (and kids for that matter), Oliver is more interested in playing with things that aren't toys. His favorites: a tv remote, the wipe container, and his tube of diaper rash ointment.

Oliver has the sweetest smile and an absolutely contagious laugh. He's also constantly babbling in his own little language that I'm sure he thinks we understand.

I love my little Ollie!


Taylor has been obsessed with patterns lately. He likes to make patterns with his toys, crayons, and anything else he can get his little paws on. I decided yesterday that I'd use some of his new sidewalk chalk to make a cool pattern for him. Sean took Tay to Maverik to get some treats for their sleepover (yep, they had a sleepover in the living room. Isn't that sweet?) and I went to work.

They got back just before I was finished. Taylor looked out the car window as he and Sean pulled up and said, "Mommy is out of control. She needs to be stopped."

Oh I love having a four-year-old going on forty.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I think I'm in love.

How sweet are these pumps?
I'm just absolutely, positively in love with them.
I love the color, the little scallop detail, the heels.. everything.

Oh, and the best part about these babies?
They cost me $3.00.
Yep, three bucks.
Three bones.
One. Two. Three.
That's it.

I am now I true convert to shopping at thrift stores.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh how I love my chubba-lub.

This face just kills me.

Kills. Me.