Monday, August 23, 2010

On A Sunday Afternoon...

We went over to my aunt and uncle's house yesterday to see my grandparents who have been in Los Angeles for about a month. They left early so my grandpa could catch up on work and sleep, but we stuck around for a while to chat and let the kiddies play.

At one point my Aunt Holly looked over and saw the sweetest thing ever: Laura and Taylor were sitting together under their French doors, sunlight hitting them in just the right way, eating Oreos. It was like a shot right out of a commercial, and Sean was quick to snap some shots of them before they noticed we were watching. How sweet is this?

I loved being able to just sit, talk, and relax. Oh, and a warm slice of cherry pie helped too.

(P.S. This big boy is growing up too darn fast.)


Jim said...

Did you use a filter or make a Photoshop adjustment to the color in these? They are really beautiful shots! Nice timing!

Sean said...

I made them on my iPhone, on the fly! ;-) I <3 technology.