Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Little Picasso

I gave Taylor some crayons and paper to see what he'd do with them, and my noble attempt at getting him to draw ended with him smacking the crayons on his highchair tray and then throwing them on the floor. I figured he just wasn't ready yet, but a couple days later he got his hands on a pen (don't worry, the lid was on) and he was pretending to draw on the carpet. It made sense that he would know what pens are for since he sees me writing with one all the time, so I decided to give him paper and see what he'd do. As soon as I pulled the lid off the pen he went crazy! He drew and drew for several minutes, trying as hard as he could to control the pen movements across the paper. The funniest part was when he finished, sat back to admire his work, and said what sounded like "all done." I love that Taylor is old enough now to draw and color, and I love being a proud momma with baby chicken-scratch drawings adorning my fridge. Who knows, maybe he'll be a famous artist one day and those drawings will be worth millions.

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Christine said...

So impressive! As one mom to another I definitely think it's worth framing.

I hope you three are feeling better! Skylynn and I caught a VERY mild version of that last night and this morning. Yucky!