Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Continuing the Nichols family holiday season adventures, we headed up to Salt Lake City yesterday for some fun.

First we went to Sugarhouse Park after a quick stop at ShopKo for sleds, handwarmers, and yet another pair of gloves for me which, according to my horrid track record this season, I will likely lose within 48 hours. The ginormous sledding hill at Sugarhouse was packed, as usual, so we drove to the other end of the park and found a nice hill that we had all to ourselves.

Taylor loved sledding (almost as much as I did) and also helped us build a snowman which he then proceeded to try to kick over. We had a couple of snowball fights, ran around, and just had a blast. I really can't remember the last time I had so much fun in the snow.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank our snowman for doubling as a tripod so we could take this family picture:

After a trip to Grandma's house for a nap, we went with my sister and her boyfriend Keelan to see the lights at Temple Square. Downtown was super packed for a concert at the "Meganacle," so we parked up on 4th South and took the Trax train. Taylor LOVED it, of course.

I haven't been to Temple Square at Christmas time for a couple of years and I am always in awe of how amazing that many Christmas lights look at night. Taylor had so much fun and I think he loved seeing the temple just as much as the lights.

I love this girl:

The Nativity scene in the middle of the reflection pond:

Yesterday was honestly one of the best days I've had in a long time. I love having an amazing husband and son to celebrate the Christmas season with. I am so blessed!


Nicole said...

-love your stylin' earmuffs!
-CUTE pic of you and Taylor on the sled.
-CUTE family altogether!
-the end. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne, Beautiful Family, by the way this is Danielle Sandoval from LDSBC. Merry Christmas. Check out my blog at,it's not that great I haven't done much with it for awhile, I live in West Valley City Utah. Email me at we can get together.

Anonymous said...

Hey you have a beautiful family, by the way this is Danielle Sandoval from LDSBC, I now live in West Valley City utah, Email me at, we can get together.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anne I submitted two comments, I didn't see that the first went through, talk to you later.

Nicole said...

hey you! i just noticed your last status on fb. I have been missing you, my friend!

Give me a call sometime if I don't call you first! I want an Anne update!