Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Tis the Season

We here at the Nichols household have been busy enjoying all that the Christmas season has to offer.

The day after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree and decorations and had lots of fun putting up all our ornaments. We took Taylor to Gardner Village and helped him find a new ornament this year at their Christmas shop. We decided when he was born that we'd start the tradition of getting him an ornament every year that expresses his interests or something fun he did that year. This time he chose a John Deere digger, which we thought was quite fitting since he's obsessed with any and all heavy machinery. (Pictures to come soon!)

Last week we went down to Provo for their annual Winterfest. There were cute performances from some local dance companies, some adorable little munchkins singing carols, and the weirdest local band attempting to play Christmas songs. Then Santa came out and after a countdown all the holiday lights were turned on in downtown. It was absolutely FREEZING cold, but we had a lot of fun and Taylor was absolutely amazed at all the pretty lights.

Last Thursday we went to Heber Valley Railroad to ride on the Polar Express. We've never gone before but thought Taylor would have a blast after riding on Thomas for his birthday this year. It was ridiculously cold in Heber, so we were happy to only have to be outside for a short period of time before boarding the train. We also came equipped with blankets to keep warm on the train car.

All in all it was a great experience! They brought everyone cookies and hot cocoa, read the Polar Express book, and we all sang songs and had a fun train ride. Once we reached the "North Pole," Santa boarded the train and spent a small amount of time with each child on the train. He gave each of the kids a sleigh bell and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Of course Taylor's answer was the same he's been giving us for the past two months: "A big GIANT dinosaur puzzle!" (Luckily I have it on good account that Santa ordered said puzzle a few days ago and it'll arrive in the mail shortly.)

The highlight of the night happened during a stirring rendition of "The 12 Days of Christmas." We were given a sign to hold up for the "six geese a laying" part of the song, and the second or third time we held it up and sang the line, Taylor simultaneously lifted up his shirt for all to see and screamed, "BELLY BUTTON!" at the top of his lungs. It was priceless.

We're having a really great Christmas season and I hope that all of you are too! We love you all!


Lindz said...

Sounds like so much fun. The only Christmas thing we have done so far is festival of trees. It is a tradition. I think maybe we should try the train ride. I love kids. Taylor is so funny, showing his belly button. ha ha.

Alex Getts said...

That's cool about getting Taylor a new ornament each year. My Mom did that with my sister and I growing up, and now Rosie and I do it, too. We plan on continuing it when we have kids, as well.

Nicole said...

my mom has a big dinosaur puzzle and it is definitely a favorite w/ the grandkids. You guys do such fun stuff together as a family! great pics of you guys!

Nicole said...

i forgot to tell you. John Deere headquarters are here in the quad cities, so they have a lot of things for kids, there's a museum (we need to take landon there sometime). hmmm...just another reason for you guys to come visit us! :-) i love little boys and it's so cute that Taylor picked that out for an ornament. what a great tradition!

ps--awesome talking to you today! we need to talk more often! :-)