Thursday, February 9, 2012

Great News!

After nine apartments in almost ten years,
and pulling out of not one but two home purchases, 
the Nichols family is finally buying a house!!

We are just absolutely over-the-moon ecstatic about it. We'd decided at the beginning of the year to start looking at houses (for the third time) and we've found the perfect place for our family. We've been so cramped here in our apartment, and although we love it we just need a place that we can grow into. We found a sweet little 1960's brick house in a really nice part of Orem and fell in love with it. It's been completely updated and has five bedrooms and two bathrooms, tons of storage, and a great yard. I'm so excited to have the boys in their own rooms, have a place for guests to sleep, and finally have a craft room!

I wanted to blog about this earlier in the process, but we wanted to wait until the inspection was over before we really got our heart set on it. Our inspector took a look at the house yesterday and just confirmed to us that we're buying a great home. It's obviously an older house and has it's quirks and things that need to be fixed up, but we're excited to finally be doing work on our own home. Taylor is so happy about it and asks me every day if we can move in yet, and to be honest I'm just as impatient as he is! We're just starting to pack and we should hopefully close on the house in just a couple of weeks. My mental checklist of things that need to be done keeps getting longer, and with it my anxiety is growing. But I know that this is the right move for us; it's a great time to buy, we got a great deal on the price and interest rate, and we just plain feel good about it. 

Hopefully we'll have the place ready for a housewarming party some time in mid-April. I'm so excited (how many times am I going to use the word excited in this post?) to share this next chapter in our lives with our friends and family. 

I'll try to keep the blog going steadily, but you may not hear much from me in the next month or so since I'll most likely be buried in moving boxes and cleaning our apartment. But I'm sure I'll make it back quickly with lots of news about our new place!

Okay, I'm going to say it one more time...
I'm so excited!!


Nicole said...

That is so awesome you guys!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!

Amy Jo said...

Congratulations!!! I seriously can't wait to see all the amazing-ness you do to the place. I am antsy for you to get in now so I can see all the fun blog posts that result! :)

Catie Ann Findlay said...

Yay! How exciting! Good luck with the move!

Nicole and James said...

I am so happy for you guys! That is so exciting!

Cathy Brooksby said...

Congratulations. It will be so nice having a bigger place, Expecially the craft room. I love mine, everything gets to say out. All I have to do is close the door.
Have fun decorating.

Vicki said...