Friday, December 28, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was so much fun this year! It was the first time Oliver could go trick-or-treating with us, and we also threw a fun family Halloween party. Here are some pictures of some of our Halloween happenings this year.

We decorated our yard like a spooky graveyard:

We had tons of fun at Cornbelly's:

And at Vineyard Garden Center:

We threw a fun Halloween party (that I'm sure will become a yearly tradition):

I made our costumes - Taylor and Ollie were Angry Birds, Sean was Bane, and I was Catwoman:

We carved pumpkins:

The boys had a blast trick-or-treating together:

And Sean and I ended the night by watching our favorite Halloween movie and munching on too much candy:

Halloween is our favorite holiday, and we had so much fun celebrating with friends and family this year!

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