Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinos and Banana Splits

A couple of weeks ago Sean and I took Taylor to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. Tay LOVES dinosaurs and we thought it would be a fun family activity we could do together. Sean and I were both really impressed with just how big the museum was and how many exhibits they had there. Taylor loved looking at all the dinosaur bones, though some skeletons were really big and scared him a bit.

Here are some highlights from our little day trip.

Dad and Tay outside the museum:

The most amazing skeleton there - the Supersaurus. This thing was absolutely gigantic and try as I might I couldn't fit the whole thing into one picture.

They had a little play area for little kids with TONS of toy dinosaurs. Taylor was so excited and insisted on picking each one up and "rawr-ing" at it.

The Ma and Pops:

Tay and his "baby saur" - he thought it was the greatest thing ever:

I thought this giant sea turtle skeleton was awesome:

Taylor and Daddy in front of the "bid shart." I'm surprised he wasn't more scared of it; it looked pretty terrifying to me.

Tay and Mommy had a great time digging for fossils (though Taylor was more interested in throwing the sand than digging in it):

We ended the day on a sweet note - with a big banana split from the ice cream parlor:

All in all it was a fantastic day and I loved hanging out with my boys.

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Nicole said...

I like Tay's orange shoes.