Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hee Haw Farms

We've made it a tradition to go to Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove every year since Tay was born. We just love celebrating the harvest season and it gets more fun each year as Taylor gets older. Yesterday was our annual trip to the farm and we had so much fun! Here are some highlights.

Taylor the cow:

Almost to the end of the haystack maze - he thought this was SO much fun:

Daddy and Tay on the tractor ride, just before Taylor threw a fit and decided he didn't want to ride it:

View of the cornfields and mountains from our seat on the hayride (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE living in Utah County?):

Measuring up - I put the picture from this year side-by-side with the one from last year. My monkey has grown a TON!

In the pumpkin patch - this was by far Taylor's very favorite part. It was so fun!

Daddy pulling Taylor and the pumpkins in the wagon:

We had so much fun! We're planning to carve our pumpkins later tonight. I hope everyone else is enjoying the season as much as we are!

Oh, and I'll post pictures of Tay's Halloween costume soon - it's so stinkin' cute!

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