Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doba Day 2009

Yesterday was Doba Day at Sean's work. It's a day Sean and I look forward to for months and is a crazy, zany day when all the employees go crazy celebrating the company's birthday. Last year we had a lot more prep time and Sean - dressed as the Doba Mad Scientist - came away as the 2008 Doba Day Champion.

This year we didn't decide to do anything for Doba Day until just a couple of days before, so it wasn't nearly as spectacular than what we pulled off last year, but it was still a ton of fun! This year Sean was the Doba Hatter. I spent hours and hours making his costume, and I don't think I've used so much spray paint and hot glue in my LIFE.

Here are a few pics from the big day.

The sign I made for the hall in front of Sean's office:

The Cheshire Cat banner I made:

The Doba Hatter and his March Hare wife:

Close up of Sean's costume:

Tay Bug and my cousin Laura eating dinner:

Sean got the unofficial "Best Costume" award from the company's CEO:

They made big cutouts of Doba winners in years past. Here's the cutout of Sean from last year as the Doba Mad Scientist:

Like father, like son:

Sean LOVED playing Rock Band. I'm glad we can't afford it because I'm pretty sure he'd play this all day every day if we had it. :)

It was a great day, and we're already brainstorming ideas for next year's Doba Day!


Cathy Brooksby said...

Great job on the costumes and signs. Those are so cool.

Sarah said...

Looks like fun, and the costumes are great you are creative.

Nicole said...

i wouldn't even know where to begin w/ a costume like that. i bow down to you. you are amazing.

Heather said...

Anne, where does Sean work? We are trying desperatly to move back up there and Anthony is applying everywhere he can. Any info would be great. Thanks.