Friday, May 21, 2010


My sweet little monkey is officially three years old! I can't believe how fast time just zooms by and I'm grateful for every day I have to spend with my Taylor.

He is such a good kid and is so kind and so smart. Sean and I call him our little genius boy and he astounds us every day with the things he knows and the words he says (his current favorites: "plunge" and "interesting").

Taylor loves all things boy: cars, heavy machinery, guns, and especially dinosaurs. This little munchkin knows more dinosaur names than I do and he's always wanting to learn more about them (next time you see him ask him how the dinosaurs died; he'll keep you entertained with a detailed story of a large meteor [he pronounces it "meat eater"] crashing to earth).

The thing I love most about my Tay bug is that he is very loving and caring. He can't stand injustice and will always (or, almost always) share and make sure that no one is being treated unfairly. He's very polite and always shows those closest to him how much he loves them. I've had a rough month or so with this pregnancy, and Taylor is always very understanding and does what he can to make my days with him easier.

Happy Birthday, Taylor! I absolutely adore you.

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Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Taylor!! You are so lucky to have such an amazing mother!!! Way to take care of her!