Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The ups and downs of pregnancy...

The past few weeks have been one giant emotional roller coaster for me. I think God gives women this supreme gift (or curse) of forgetting how hard pregnancy is so that we'll do it again. Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy and excited to have a new baby; I just can't remember childbearing being this wacky.

Here's just a taste of what I've experienced in the last month or so:

- Worse nausea than I ever had during my last two pregnancies
- A raging case of the stomach flu, which just added to the already present nausea
- The inability to button or zip my jeans, resulting in some really creative outfits and many breakdowns after trying on everything in my closet.
- One word: acne.
- Hours of crying over really dumb/unrealistic/silly things.
- Frustration with people who don't want to talk about or acknowledge my pregnancy until I'm past my first trimester because of what happened last year
- Worrying too much about gaining weight/getting fat/being unattractive to my husband

Good times. I don't want to just complain though; this is something Sean and I have wanted for a very long time, and there are a lot of great things about pregnancy too:

- Having a nice long break from "that time of the month" (sorry to any guys reading this, but it's true!)
- Getting a little belly bump that I can show off
- Taylor telling me all the time that he "loves the little baby" and that he'll be "a very nice big brother."
- Sean rubbing my belly and talking to the baby
- Finally having days when I feel good and can get things done, even if it's only to prepare for the inevitable bad day coming soon
- Being in a rock-solid marriage and knowing that my husband loves and adores me and is excited to be a daddy again

So things aren't all bad, and I know I'll feel even better about things once I'm finally out of my first trimester and nausea is a thing of the past. I'll be 11 weeks on Friday, so there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

Oh, also on Friday I will officially have a three-year-old. Where does the time go??


Nicole said...

how do we forget so much about being prego--those cute little babies have some sort of memory potion up their sleeves, i swear!! i'm glad your boys are being so supportive--i can't believe you're 11 weeks--i get to see you and your baby bump in 7 weeks! yeah! hang in there-i'm hoping your 2nd trimester comes fast for you!!

Cathy Brooksby said...

When I was pregnant with Courtney, I didnt want anyone to know. I was lucky I didnt get that cute little baby bump till I was 4 1\2 months pregnant. But my tummy was so tender I was wearing prego jeans at 6 weeks.
You will know you have had your last child because ou will remember. :)