Friday, December 17, 2010

First Bath

Yesterday Oliver's umbilical cord stump fell off, and all you mommies out there know what that means -

Bath time!

I was worried that Itty Bitty wouldn't like being naked in the water very much, but he LOVED it. As long as I kept pouring the warm water over his belly he was in heaven. It was so nice to get him all clean, and he was perfectly content until I started washing his hair. He's just like his big brother and hates having his hair wet.

It's so strange trying to get back into the swing of taking care of a newborn. They're just so tiny and delicate!

And this is completely unrelated to bath time, but it's so dang cute I just had to post it.


Barbara Wilkey said...

So cute!! I love the name oliver!!! Adorable!!!

Amy Jo said...

I love the last picture in this post. SO CUTE! I am so glad you are having fun with your new little one. He really is quite a handsome little guy!! =)