Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ready or not...

Tomorrow morning I will officially be a mommy of two, and the date of December 3rd will forever have a much bigger significance to me than it ever has.

It's so strange knowing in advance the exact day your child will be born. It's nice in some ways and more stressful in others. I know I'll hardly get any sleep tonight; in fact I haven't slept well for the past week. It's nice being able to be totally prepared though. We've got a sitter set up for Taylor, our bags packed, infant car seat installed. We're as ready as we possibly can be, although as most parents know, there's nothing that can really prepare you for a baby.

I'm so excited to meet my little man. I want to know what he looks like, what he sounds like. I want to know if he looks like his big brother. I want to hold him and get to know him (though I feel like I've bonded with him for months now). I'm excited to introduce my boys to each other and to see how Taylor reacts to his baby brother. I can't wait to see my husband hold an infant again. There's something about seeing your husband hold your baby in his big strong arms that makes you fall in love with him all over again.

Motherhood is such a strange thing. It's the hardest, most stressful job on the face of the planet, and at times I wonder why on earth anyone would choose parenthood. But then there are so many moments when you realize that you'd never be this happy doing anything else. I love being Taylor's mommy, and I know I'll love being Oliver's mommy too.

For those of you wanting updates while we're in the hospital this weekend, I will have a laptop and we'll be updating this blog with pictures and info about our new little man. Thanks to all of you who have supported me through this pregnancy. I love you all. Wish us luck!


Grunwaldt Family said...

Good luck!!

Nicole said...

What a lovely post. You are a wonderful mother, Anne. I'm so excited for you and Sean. We can't wait to get the updates!!!

Lindz said...

Good Luck!! I am so glad this day has finally come for your family. You will be in our prayers. I can't wait to read the updates and see the new baby!!! YAY!

Vicki said...

good luck, Anne!!!! i cant wait to "meet" your new little man! Taylor's gonna be an awesome big bro! :-)