Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Animals

This last Saturday we took the boys to Hee Haw Farms here in American Fork. We go every fall, but I got an email earlier this month stating that they would be open for a short period of time in April so everyone could see the baby animals. Now I'm not a huge pet person, but I'm an absolute sucker for tiny little farm animals. So away we went!

It was a bit chilly and it rained on and off, but we had a really great time! I think Taylor's favorite part was going down the big slide with Daddy. They went down it about a zillion times while we were there.

Here's a super cool picture Sean took of Tay going down the tube slide. Want to blow the picture up and frame it; I think it's so awesome!

They have a big pen you can go in and walk around to see the baby animals. They were so cute! Here's Tay feeding a baby goat.

Mommy, Taylor, and Oliver with a baby cow. She was so calm!

Taylor held a baby goat all by himself, but it was a little too heavy for him.

Then Mommy took over and fell in love. I want a goat!

Sean and I took turns going on the tractor ride with Tay. Taylor is now too big to ride on Daddy's lap, so they had to take separate animals.

This is what the chub-a-lub thought of everything. He wasn't too happy with the cold weather, and then he got bored and fell asleep in the stroller. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks!

They've got a bunch of animal cut-outs that the kids can put their faces through, and Taylor wanted to do all of them.

We had so much fun, and I can't wait to go back this fall to pick out our pumpkins!

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