Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Four Months

As of this last Sunday my chubber is officially four months old. He has grown so much this past month and is doing a lot of new tricks.

His four month appointment was yesterday afternoon and BOY this baby doesn't like his doctor. He started screaming as soon as the nurse put the thermometer in his ear. I finally got him calmed down but then he started screaming again when the doctor put his stethoscope against his chest. He screamed the rest of the exam, then finally calmed down just in time to get two shots. Needless to say, it was quite an eventful experience.

Here are his stats this month -
Weight: 15 lbs, 15 oz. (72nd %tile)
Length: 26.25 inches (90th %tile)
Head: 16.6 inches (48th %tile)

His growth has slowed a bit in the weight department, but he's still pretty chunky and the doctor said he's growing well and has no concerns about his health. He also gave us the go-ahead to start him on rice cereal. Woo!

Here are some more little tidbits about Oliver.

A couple of weeks ago he rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time. He's really getting the hang of it now and will roll over whenever he has the opportunity because he hates being on his stomach.

We pulled out the jumper this month and I was surprised how much he loved it. The first time we put him in it he laughed hysterically for almost ten minutes straight. He's good at turning himself around to see all the toys, but hasn't got the hang of actually jumping in it yet.

He slept seven hours straight a few months ago - technically the first time he's slept through the night. I'm pretty sure it was just a fluke though as he's up every few hours most nights. We're still co-sleeping and I'm a huge fan. I feel like both baby and I get more sleep, and it's definitely worth sharing my bed with a squirmy little munchkin.

Oliver loves his baths. He gets so excited when I put him in the water and starts kicking like crazy. He's also a big fan of stealing my washcloth and sucking on it. The only time he really freaks out is when I'm washing his hair. He's a lot like his big brother that way.

Ollie's fine motor skills have really developed this month and he's now batting at objects, holding toys, and bringing them to his mouth. I have to be careful if I'm drinking something while holding him because he'll grab the rim of my cup and pull it toward him, resulting in Mommy getting very wet.

Taylor and Oliver are huge fans of one another. Oliver spends a lot of his day just watching his big brother and laughing at his shenanigans. I especially love when we're driving in the car and Taylor makes the baby laugh if he's getting fussy. It sure pays off to have a little person in the back seat to keep the baby entertained.

He's developing a more regular nap schedule, which has been nice. I like knowing about what time he'll go down and when he'll wake up. It's been harder to plan my day around his nap times though. Guess I better get used to it!

He thinks hair is hilarious. Sean or I will hold him and rub our hair on his chest and he'll grab little fistfuls of hair and laugh hysterically. It's fun until we can't get him to let go.

It's so fun watching Oliver grow. I love my boys and I'm so glad I get to be home with them every day. I wouldn't want to do anything else.

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