Sunday, July 3, 2011

Seven Months

Oliver is seven months old today, and what a month this has been! Ollie has been super busy growing and learning and he just gets more fun by the second.

Some tidbits about our little one this month:

Oliver is an eating machine. He eats three times a day and has a fruit and veggie at every meal. His favorite fruit is pears and his favorite veggie is squash.

He is now sitting up on his own, though he still has a tumble every once in a while. He loves being able to sit and play with toys, and he also uses it to launch himself toward toys that are just a bit out of his reach. I have a feeling this curious little man will be crawling very soon.

Ollie is petrified of taking baths in the tub. I'm not sure if the room itself is scary or if the tub is just really big and intimidating, but every time I put him in it he screams his head off. So we decided to try something new - the kitchen sink! He really loved it. He was obsessed with the faucet and loved splashing and moving his hands around under the water. I think we'll do sink baths for a while, at least until he gets too big for it.

Taylor and Oliver have started hanging out more together. They obviously can't play together for long periods of time, but Taylor loves to sit with his baby brother and give him toys and read him books. I just love that my boys love each other.

I've been taking biotin supplements to help my hair grow faster, and I think that it's also been affecting Ollie's hair growth as well. You wouldn't know it because his hair looks so fine, but it's super long on top. The other night I brushed it into a little mohawk. So cute!

Like most babies (and kids for that matter), Oliver is more interested in playing with things that aren't toys. His favorites: a tv remote, the wipe container, and his tube of diaper rash ointment.

Oliver has the sweetest smile and an absolutely contagious laugh. He's also constantly babbling in his own little language that I'm sure he thinks we understand.

I love my little Ollie!

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Nicole said...

There is just something about that first pic of him--he is just too adorable! I wish i could have held him more! :-)Happy 7 months Ollie!