Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why hike the Y?

Because it's fun! And painful! But mostly fun (and painful)!

Saturday morning Sean and I got up at the crack of dawn (like we had a choice) and got ready to go for an early morning hike. My mom came over to watch Tay and Sean and I headed up to the 'Y' trailhead. Since moving here over a year and a half ago and seeing that giant white letter 'Y' on the mountain out our front windows every single day, we've wanted to hike to it. Our plan was to go "some time this summer," but alas the summer is over and hiking season is coming to an abrupt close. Basically it was now or never... at least for this year.

It wasn't too long of a hike - maybe an hour up and an hour back - but MAN is it steeeeeep. It's pretty much the equivalent of being on a Stairmaster for an hour straight, something I would never normally do. However, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking and it was so clear we could see from American Fork all the way to point of the mountain.

Reaching the 'Y' was awesome; you don't realize how big it really is until you're standing on top of it. I couldn't get a really good picture of it but you get the idea.

Hiking down was almost as bad as going up - just working different muscles. It was great to spend some time together though, and the sun didn't even hit us until we were almost back at the car which was great.

Sean and I learned two very valuable lessons on our little (steep) hike: 1) We should hike more (a conclusion we reach only at the END of hiking season), and 2) We are grossly and disgustingly out of shape. Seriously.

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