Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doba Day

Every year in mid-October Doba (the company Sean works for) has a big celebration for the company's anniversary. It's a day for employees to dress up in green and black (the company colors), consume insane amounts of goodies, decorate their offices, and basically be as crazy as possible. They award prizes to the employees who do the craziest/most outlandish thing for Doba Day, and this year was no different. The higher-ups announced in a meeting last month that they'd be giving cash prizes to the winners this year - with 1st place receiving $250. It was at that moment that the gears started turning in Sean's brain.

Fast forward a month and Sean and I had an incredibly psychotic and elaborate plan in place. Sean would dress up as Doctor Deranged - the self-proclaimed Doba mad scientist - and "hijack" the company. On Thursday night we arrived at Doba with all of our supplies - cardboard, spray paint, duct tape, a strobe light, fog machine, jelly eyeballs, and miscellaneous glass measuring cups, vials, and containers. We started in the 2nd floor lobby, taping over the glass walls and doors with cardboard so that no light would come into the room. While Sean set up the strobe light I spraypainted the Doba logo along a huge 27' stretch of wall (on the cardboard, of course). I also scribbled a bunch of random scientific equations all over the remaining cardboard walls like it was a labratory white board. With the lights turned off, creepy music blasting over the PA stystem, the fog machine fogging, and the strobe light strobing, it made for quite the low-budget pyrotechnic show.

Going along with the theme of taking over the company, Sean used his geeky IT knowledge to change everyones computer desktop backgrounds to this:

He also put these up on all the tvs and projectors in the company:

As a finishing touch I transformed his office in to an evil laboratory, complete with beakers and measuring cups filled with a mysterious green liquid (okay, it was just colored water) and eyeballs (no, not real eyeballs)(but like you were thinking that). I put Christmas lights behind each container to give them a eery glow. Sean also worked with my uncle to build his own Jacob's Ladder, which was definitely the show-stealer on Doba Day.

We ended up staying at Doba until 2:30am Friday morning, but we were really excited with how it all turned out. After a couple hours of sleep, Sean got up bright and early Friday morning and donned his mad scientist garb, complete with crazy green wig, black and green striped tie, and giant black rubber boots.

Needless to say, everyone was blown away by everything we'd done. Sean suddenly became very popular around Doba, and he loved every minute of it. At 5pm Tay and I dressed up and went to Doba for their family Doba Day barbeque. It was so much fun to see everyone in their crazy costumes, and after dinner the winners were announced. For those of you still reading this post (boy, you must not have much to do!), yes - Sean won!!! Suddenly all our hard work and lack of sleep paid off.

It was an awesome day, and I think Sean will have a hard time outdoing himself next Doba Day.


Anonymous said...

YAY! Big congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats sean. Well deserved.

J and K Sabey said...

Congrats on the win,...more than well-deserved.

Meagen said...

Your hard work definitely paid off! You did awesome!

Mikal said...

I wish had been there to see it myself. The way you described it (with those great pictures, too) is amazing. Definitely deserving of the win! Congrats, 3.5 months later :-)