Sunday, May 24, 2009

Farewell, Cunninghams!

Okay, so I'm really sad today. Our neighbors Aaron and Nicole are moving to Iowa for almost four years so that Aaron can go to Chiropractic school. In the short time we've known them we have become really good friends - Nicole and I can talk for hours and our men love talking about whatever it is men talk about [insert grunting and burping sounds]. Nicole and Aaron's son Landon is only 5 days older than Taylor, and the two of them are best buddies. They play together all the time and have very similar interests - cars, motorcycles, balls, dirt, and pushing around anything with wheels - you know, two-year-old stuff.

I'm really sad to see them go, but I'm sure they'll have fun on their new adventure. Nicole is about to have their second baby and I'm glad I can stay in contact with her via blogging, Facebook, and email.

Good luck in Iowa, Aaron and Nicole! You guys are great friends and I'm glad we can keep in contact while you're gone!

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Nicole said...

Thanks Anne-you're so sweet! Laura and I read your comment on my blog and cried. It breaks my heart-he is so sweet. Landon left some handprints on the window after we cleaned them and I couldn't wash them. We're in Omaha and will get to Iowa tomorrow- things are crazy.