Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dirty Vegas

We went on a trip with my family down to Las Vegas this last weekend. It's been a while (like 10 years) since I've been there, and in the words of my dad Vegas is an armpit. I was shocked at the obvious lack of morals, clothing, and soberness of the majority of people there, not to mention the outright pornographic billboards, hotel signs, and random icky pamphlets strewn all over the ground.

Now to be fair, we did do some fun things and there were some decent parts of the trip. So without further introduction, here are some (okay, the ONLY) good things about our vacation.

#1: The view from our room (and no, my obsession with the Eiffel tower didn't have merit in this vote.) (Maybe.)

#2: The "white train" (a.k.a. the Monorail) that we rode on a couple of times with the fam. Tay loved it. Big surprise.

#3: The sights. Even the person most disgusted by Sin City has to admit that some of these places are pretty cool lookin'.

#4: Pool time with Daddy. Although there were some R-rated shenanigans going on at the same time just yards away from the kiddie pool, Tay still had lots of fun with Daddy. And Mom had lots of fun sitting in the shade and taking pictures.

#5: It was great to see my family, and Jessica's wedding was great. She looked absolutely beautiful in her gown and I'm so happy for her.

Sean and I ended up leaving Vegas early and stayed in St. George Saturday night, which we originally thought was a great idea - though I'm now having my doubts after breaking out in hives as a result of something my body didn't like in the sheets at our hotel (please tell me it's just an allergic reaction to the detergent!).

The trip went okay considering many many factors (some of which include 1. We went to Las Vegas, and 2. We had to drive 6 hours in a car with a toddler. Twice.), but we've both vowed never to return to the adult entertainment capital of the world again. Ever.


Heather said...

Now hey, I live down here in the armpit of the world and its really not so bad. In fact we have never visited the strip and we have been here 6 mths already. Henderson is alot better than down town Vegas. Lets just say I have lots of teaching moments for my kids. They know the world is black and white not grey.

Amy Jo said...

Joe and I have a like/hate relationship with Vegas.. we like all the same things you pointed out, and we HATE all things you pointed out that were bad. I hope to never stay there again really, but when I drive to So. Cali I always have to stop in the Bellagio to see what is happening in the atrium, to look in Tiffany & Co. and most importantly to have Gelato in Cafe Gelato... BUT.. then my Las Vegas tour is done!