Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In love

Remember those hand warmers I posted about last week? Sean convinced me to try making them, even though I felt severely inadequate being such a novice knitter. I took it step by step though, learning how to do each stitch the pattern listed. Well, after a few headaches and many, many hours, they are finished!

I really REALLY love these hand warmers. I think they turned out really well considering my skill level (and the fact that I used the wrong size needles). I'm excited for the weather to get cooler so I don't look stupid wearing them in public.


Nicole said...

You're amazing! Great job! Why would anyone think different of you for wearing hand warmers in 90 degree weather (i'm taking a stab at guessing how hot it is in Utah).

Christine said...

I finally got on my reader and girl these are awesome!!! I'm so jealous!