Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aimee's Baby Shower

At the beginning of September I drove down to Las Vegas with my mom and sister for my cousin Aimee's wedding. She is pregnant and due just a few days after me, so I was really excited to see her.

Her wedding was beautiful and she was absolutely gorgeous in her dress. My sister took this photo of the two of us at her reception. Love it!

The day after her wedding I had the opportunity to throw her a baby shower. This is the first shower I've ever organized for someone and it was really fun! I made most of the decorations at home before we left for Vegas and just had to set everything up when we got down there.

In lieu of cake or lunch I decided to do an old-fashioned candy bar and root beer floats. We played a couple of simple games and I think everyone had a great time.

I'm most proud of the decorations I made as I was on a pretty tight budget. All the glass containers I found at either Savers or the Dollar Store (even the retro Dr. Pepper straw container!) and the tablecloth I made from a sheet. (Side note: I'll be doing a post soon of Taylor's bedroom makeover and you'll see what I used this sheet for after the party).

The "It's a boy" banner I made with card stock and red bias tape. I also made the mobiles from card stock, twine, and old embroidery hoops.

I was really happy to be able to throw this party for Aimee. It was great to see her and share in our preggo ups and downs for a weekend. Miss you girl!

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