Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On Friday I'll be 36 weeks pregnant and exactly three weeks from my c-section date. Unfortunately I've hit the slump that most women do in their last month - time is crawling by and I am DONE with this whole pregnancy thing. I'm tired all the time, constantly out of breath, my back and ribs are so sore I want to cry, and FORGET about bending over to do anything. Even eating isn't pleasant anymore.

I'm usually not such a whiner, but I can't help it right now. I'm impatient and ready to meet my son and have my body back. I'm sick of being an incubator and just want to feel like a human being again.

On the plus side, I went shopping at Target a couple of days ago and bought Ollie his Christmas stocking and "Baby's 1st Christmas" jammies. I have a feeling he'll be my favorite Christmas present. :)


Nicole said...

You look so cute!! my goal is to look as cute as you do when i am prego next!! :-) I hope the days start flying by so you can meet your cute little Ollie!!

Lindz said...

Love the pics. I am already impatient, hahaha. Good luck waiting. Pregnancy does suck!!