Friday, November 19, 2010


Every year around Thanksgiving I make a list of the things in my life I'm most thankful for. I think this is such a great time to reflect on all we have and all the wonderful people who surround and support us.

So without further interruption, here's my 2010 list:

- My husband. It seems like Sean is always on the top of my list each year, and there are so many reasons for that. Sean is my very best friend. He is my knight in shining armor. He is my rock and my other (better) half. Sean balances me out and helps me stay grounded and focused on what's most important in my life. He loves me unconditionally, even when I'm at my worst. I fall deeper in love with him every single day, and never forget to tell him how much I love him. I don't know what I'd do without my Mr. Nichols.

- My kids (I can use the plural form now, right?). Taylor is the sunshine of my life, and even though being a mother is one of the hardest and most stressful things I've ever done, it's also been the most rewarding. I'm amazed every day at how big my Tay Bug is getting and how much he's learning. I can be having the worst day in the world, but when he looks at me with those big brown eyes and chubby cheeks and says, "Mama, I wanna give you a kiss," I just melt. I'm also thankful for my Oliver. Even though we haven't met yet (two weeks to go!) I'm already so in love with my little man. I'm so excited to meet him and to watch my boys interact with each other.

- My home. Sure, we have the ugliest '70s linoleum on the face of the planet, have already run out of storage space, and our bathrooms are too dark. But you know what? I still love this place. I feel comfortable and safe here and love being home all day.

- Family. I love my parents, siblings, and extended family so much. They have always been so supportive and caring in everything I've done in my life and I love that we're all so close. I'm especially thankful that my mom lives just two buildings over from us and will be such a big help when the baby comes. I don't know what I'd do without my mommy so close by.

- Mountains. I know I've said it many, many times, but I just love living so close to the mountains. I love that they change with the seasons and at certain times of year I feel like they call to me. I love driving up the canyon and going to Sundance, Heber, and Park City. I love living in such a beautiful place!

- Modern technology. Although Sean and I have successfully cut ourselves off from most of the social networking sites we used to belong to (including Facebook), I'm so grateful that we live in an age of technology where I can easily look up a recipe, find an address, balance my bank account, check up with friends, and shop for Christmas.

- Ice cream. This was my biggest weakness when I was pregnant with Taylor, and this time around is no different. I'm seriously in love with this stuff. Any kind. Just gimme some in a big bowl and I'm a happy mama bear.

- My car. Buying our Honda Element was one of the best decisions Sean and I have ever made. I love our car, and I love that at any time during the day Tay and I can pack up and head out to run errands. There's enough room for all four of us (which is saying something considering the fact that both my boys need a ridiculous amount of leg room), the floors are rubber and SO easy to clean, and it's the first time we've had a car with an automatic transmission and cruise control in I don't know how long. Love it.

- Friends. I'm one of those people who doesn't have a ton of acquaintances; instead I have only a handful of really close friends, and I really like it that way. I'm so grateful for all of my friends (you know who you are) who are always there for me, even when we get busy or have hundreds of miles between us. I love you all so very much.

- Dishwashers. When we first moved in to this apartment my mom bought us a portable dishwasher and it has been an absolute life-saver for me. When you're home all day with a preschooler and cook dinner every night the dishes really pile up quickly, and it's such back-breaking work washing them by hand. I'm so happy that I just have to rinse everything off, pop it in the dishwasher, and walk away. Makes my life just a little easier.

- Bed. I know I'm not going to be seeing much of it a few weeks from now, and that's why now more than ever I try to stay in bed for as long as possible. There's nothing like curling up under a warm blanket and snuggling down in my zillions of pillows, especially when it's cold outside.

- Hot chocolate. This has been another pregnancy weakness for me. I can't get enough of the stuff. Oh, and topped with lots of mini marshmallows or whipped cream, please.

Well there you have it. There is so much I feel thankful for right now! I hope that you have a lot in your life to be thankful for as well, and I hope all of our loved ones are enjoying the holidays with their families!

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Cathy Brooksby said...

I miss you. I love the picture of you belly. I am so excited for you to have your little boy. We will be down there on the 18th maybe I will sneek over and see you guys for a min.