Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's official.

I'm now a baby-wearing hippy mama.

I got my Moby Wrap in the mail yesterday and I LOVE it! It arrived last night just when Ollie was hitting his fussy time of night, but the second I put him in the sling he zonked right out. Today I put him in it and was able to straighten the living room, get Taylor's lunch, and even vacuum! I've actually got it on right now and he's sleeping peacefully, all warm and snug.

I know some people may think that this is ridiculous and does nothing but spoil the little one, but there are so many benefits of baby-wearing. Oliver feels safe and secure and Mommy can actually get some things done around the house. It's a win-win to me!


Cathy Brooksby said...

Love it. I had to depend on a swing and it didn't always work. You can't spoil a baby. Because in about 3 months it will stop working and you have to find something else. I hated that.

Amy Jo said...

I have always thought those were a fantastic idea, and I am glad to see it is working to well for you!

Vicki said...

Add us to the hippy baby wearers!

I got my ring-sling on Friday and can now get so much more done with my lil man all snuggled up with Mama...the way he likes to be...and I no longer feel ubber guilty when I have housework to do...or big sister to attend to! :-)

Dex said...

That sling definitely looks like a win-win. Bonding, nurturing, good exercise, on and on and on... way hippy, but so awesome.

Nicole said...

i totally want one of those for my 3rd--my friend just had her 3rd and uses it all the time! I think it is a must and I didn't think those were hippy-ish, I think because EVERYONE has them here in the chiropractic world. haha. Love it!