Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smiles and Giggles

It's amazing to me how taking care of an infant can be so hard and stressful and depressing sometimes, and then they give you a gurgly little grin and it makes everything worth it.

Every morning this little one smiles and coos at me like crazy. He's just the cutest little thing and no matter how hard my night has been with him I just adore this sweet face. It makes every sacrifice worth it.

Then tonight I got quite a pleasant surprise. I was holding a little stuffed monkey in front of Oliver and out of nowhere he started laughing at it! It was the most precious thing ever! A while later I did it again and Sean was able to hear his little belly laugh too.

I love being able to experience all these sweet firsts all over again. I adore my little Ollie!

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Nicole said...

he is so sweet! i want to hold him and hear his sweet giggle!!! let's talk tomorrow!! I'll give you a call! and yes i am SO excited for this summer!