Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three facts about Taylor

1. He's a daredevil.

This kid is regularly jumping from one piece of furniture to another like a little monkey. He leaps off his bed, our bed, and the arm of the sofa on a daily basis and scares his poor mom half to death.

2. He has the best bed-head around.

Especially when he wears his lion blanket on his head all night long. I tried to fix his hair but he insisted that he loves it like this. Oh boy...

3. He's SO smart.

I'm amazed on a daily basis how much this kid knows. He's always using long words (usually in the wrong context) and says the most hilarious things sometimes. Here are a few Taylorisms he's said lately:

"Daddy, one day when I grow up I can be an astronaut but I will not have to go to Mars with the giant metal lizards. And you could be an astronaut already because you are already a grown up and then we can go to space in a space ship and land on planet Europe."

"Mommy, I'm great when it comes to doing something professional."

Taylor has also recently started writing letters and today he wrote his first word - Oliver! I'm so proud of my smarty pants.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

What a cute little boy ....and professional ;-) that sweet face just melts me!! There's just something about 3 yr old boys....too fun. :-)