Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Traditions

Sean and I have started a few traditions in our family that we hope to continue as our kids get older. I think it will help them make and keep great memories from their childhoods and will give them ideas of things they can do with their own families when they're grown. Here are a couple of things we do with the kiddos regularly.

Sunday Doughnut Day - Every Sunday morning Sean gets the boys dressed and packed into the car and they head off to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts. On his way home he also stops to pick the two of us up some English Toffee cappuccinos (Mommy's favorite part of the day). Taylor just loves that he gets a treat every Sunday morning and it's a fun way for all of us to start the day.

Daddy Sleepovers - The first Saturday of every month Sean and Taylor have a sleepover downstairs in the living room. I push the ottoman against the sofa and make them a little bed and pop some popcorn for them, then I head upstairs to put Ollie to bed and have a little "me" time. Sean and Tay usually spend the evening playing games on the iPad and watching a boy movie. Taylor just thinks it's the greatest thing ever, and it'll be fun when Oliver can join the boys' sleepover night.

I think it's so important to make little traditions with our kids. It gives them fun things to look forward to, and helps us make great family memories!

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Nicole said...

Family traditions are the best! I need to do more in my own lil fam. :)