Friday, January 6, 2012

Seven Months: A Hair Update.

It's been seven months since I buzzed my head, and since that time my hair has grown a lot! It's been an interesting process trying to grow my hair out and still make it look nice. My hope is that by late summer it'll be long enough that I can cut it into a cute a-line and then continue to grow it out from there.

Here's my hair today. 

Not bad considering that a little over half a year ago it was nothing but stubble, eh? 

I plan to keep growing it until it's at least down to my shoulder blades. I know taking care of long hair is a pain, but I really miss having long locks! I'm sure it'll be a few years until I reach my goal, but in the meantime I'll keep taking good care of it; I only use salon products, get trims regularly, and I don't dye it anymore (although I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep that up; I keep finding grey hairs! Yikes!).

I'll post another hair update at my one-year mark, along with the pictures I've taken along the way!

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