Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

Sean and I took Taylor to Thanksgiving Point this last Saturday for his birthday. It was so much fun to see his reaction to all the different farm animals they have there. Our first stop was the cows, and one of them was a bit too friendly with Tay and almost bit the poor boy's toes off. Taylor had absolutely no idea what to think of these giant animals sniffing him. He also wasn't too sure about the loud noises they made. After the cows we went and peeked at the goats before going on a pony ride. I'm really surprised that Taylor was okay the entire time, although he kept making nervous little whimpers the first half of the ride. He was really excited to pet the pony afterward though. Next we moved on to the chickens and peacocks. Taylor wasn't sure what to think about the loud roosters, but was pretty excited with the giant turkeys and peacocks. The horses were pretty amazing too, and I think I was more excited to pet and feed them than Tay was. We also saw llamas (which Sean kept referring to as Kuzko from Emperor's New Groove), goats, and sheep. Taylor really seemed to like the sheep until a few of them started "baa-ing" a bit too loud. Honestly I think his favorite part of the whole trip was washing his hands when we were done.

All in all it was a fun trip, and I look forward to him getting a bit older and not being so scared of everything. Maybe next year we'll take him to the dinosaur museum too!


Davide said...
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Christine said...

Looks like SO much fun... and I LOVE the stroller!!!