Saturday, January 17, 2009

The great adventure of two crazy kids

My mom took Taylor for the day and Sean and I went on a day trip up Provo Canyon. It was so much fun!

The mountains are so beautiful this time of year. Bridal Veil Falls was really pretty and it was amazing to see all the ice fishermen at Deer Creek.

Our first stop was Heber City. We parked by Dairy Keen and walked up the main street in downtown Heber. We stopped at a cute little thrift shop called Second Chance. They had some great stuff for super cheap. Sean bought a vintage leather briefcase and I scored some amazing vintage children's books and novels.

Afterward we walked back down to Dairy Keen and had lunch. For those of you that haven't been there, it's a local burger joint that has some amazing food. Sean got a Train Burger with fries and I got their junior cheeseburger with onion rings. Yum-o!

After lunch we headed up to Park City. We stopped first at the outlet stores and right away Sean found a store he absolutely had to go to - The Oakley Vault. For those of you that don't know, Sean is absolutely obsessed with Oakley sunglasses, which is kind of funny since he can't wear them (at least not until he gets Lasik). Anyhoo, they actually had some great stuff there! Sean got a new hat and I bought a really awesome messenger bag that I absolutely l-o-v-e. The best part? Both the hat and bag together only set us back $25!

Sean insisted on going by Mrs. Field's next (he's got the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know). We each got a cookie and split a milk.

Afterward we visited some more outlet shops and then headed up to Main Street in Park City. Now we went up there knowing full well that Sundance was going on, but had no idea just how crowded it would be. There were thousands of people there and absolutely nowhere to park. Rather than drive around aimlessly forever, we decided to head up to Salt Lake instead.

We drove down Parleys for the first time in a very long time and drove through Sugarhouse on our way to Gateway. We stopped by EmilieJayne, a sweet little consignment store that I used to work at. I visited for a while with my friend Rachel and we bought Sean a fantastic vintage phone for his office.

Our last stop was Gateway Mall for dinner. We went to California Pizza Kitchen because Sean had never been there. We got a garlic chicken pizza and MAN was it good! For dessert we had their chocolate banana fudge cake, which tastes just as good as it sounds. But the most amazing thing we had there was - surprisingly - their mango lemonade. It was fan-tastic!

After dinner we walked back to the car and headed home. Today really couldn't have turned out better. It's so nice to have some real quality time with my hubby. I love him so much and I'm so happy we had such a great time. I love you, babe!

(Also, let's do this more often.)

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MadHouse said...

I am so glad you kids had fun. I am jealous over the vintage children's books.