Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Mini Michaelangelo

Taylor and I have spent the day expressing our creativity through art. Before lunch I made some homemade finger paints, covered Tay's high chair tray with newspaper, and let him go to town. He thought painting with his fingers was good, but was better able to tap into his strong artistic abilities with a paint brush (that and he hates when his hands are gooey). I was actually pretty amazed by how much he loved painting and he was pretty upset when it was time to put the paints away and have lunch.

After lunch and naptime, I received a package from that I'd been expecting - a small pouch of soy-based crayons. They are in the shape of rocks (thus the name of the company) and make it easier for little hands to draw. Also unlike typical crayons, they don't require you to press as hard on the paper which makes for a much less frustrated toddler. Taylor loves his new crayons, and because he is his mother's son and likes everything to be in its proper place, also loves putting them away in their cute little velvet pouch.

I love working on art projects with Taylor. I always loved drawing and painting as a kid and I think it's great that I can share my love of all things creative with my sweet boy.


Heather M. said...

Those crayons look like so much fun. who wouldn't want to color with those? I amy have to get some of those myself.

Christine said...

Yep I've decided I need some of those crayons! Talk yo you soon!

PS. Have I mentioned that Taylor is so big?