Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!

I just love Father's Day and today I'd like to send my appreciation and love to three very important fathers in my life.

The first is my daddy. My dad means so much to me and I am so indebted to him for all the invaluable advice and support he has given me. He and I are so much alike (which can be good and bad) and I absolutely adore him. Love you, Papa!

Next I'd like to thank the father of my husband. John is such an incredible man and one of the nicest guys I know. I'm so grateful to him for raising such a great son and for his love and devotion to our family.

(This is John with Sean when he was about Tay's age.
Doesn't Taylor look so much like him??)

And last (but certainly not least), I'd like to thank my sweet husband for being such an incredible father to our children. Sean is the greatest father on the face of this planet, hands down. The second he walks in the door after a hard day's work, Taylor immediately jumps up and runs to him. Without getting even a minute to rest, Sean instantly switches to "play mode" and the wrestling, tickling, and running around commence. He has more patience and energy than I think I could ever muster, and he never answers Taylor's questions with the typical parent response of, "Because I said so." He really takes time to explain things to Tay Bug and build up his trust and confidence. Sean also loves playing and tickling Ollie, and both Taylor and Oliver absolutely adore their daddy. I can never repay Sean for all he's done to help me raise our brood.

I hope you all have a very Happy Father's Day!

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