Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet Lola.

We went up to Salt Lake last weekend and on our way home we took a little detour to Gardner Village. It's one of my favorite places, especially in the fall (and I can pretend it's fall now, right?).

I had told myself that there was no way, under any circumstance, I was going to allow myself to buy anything. We were insanely short on money and Sean didn't get paid for another week. Time to exercise some self-control and be content to browse and look. That's it.

Well all that self-control went out the window when we went into a store called "Wild About the West" that was having a massive clearance sale because they were closing their doors permanently. They were selling all their remaining inventory as well as all their fixtures and display racks. There was some cool stuff, but nothing I was genuinely interested in; a country girl I am not. But then my sweet husband - who in retrospect probably regrets it now - pointed to a small side room and said, "Oh Annie, look in there!" I glanced over and noticed a small closet-sized room packed with dress forms. It took all the strength I had not to run for them.

If my strange giddiness in seeing dress forms is confusing, you must understand something about me. I LOVE dress forms. LOVE them.


I've wanted one since I don't when, but they're so expensive that I just could never justify it. But here was an entire room of them. On sale. Eighty bones each. Eight-zero.

Still out of my price range? Yes.

Still expensive? Sure.

Probably should've just walked away? Definitely.

But instead I rushed outside and called my mom. And although I know she thinks I'm completely crazy, she loaned me the money until Sean gets paid next. Bless her heart.

So here she is, folks. Her name is Lola and I adore her.

(they threw in the cute four-year-old for free.)

She currently lives in my kitchen (mostly because I have absolutely nowhere else for her) and she's currently sporting a little navy cocktail dress that will be my first alteration project I do with her help. No more turning clothes inside out, putting them on, pinning them where I want to bring them in/up/out, and then gingerly attempting to remove said garment without becoming a human pincushion.

No more. Now that I have Lola. Sigh...

P.S. - If you still think I'm completely out of my mind, read THIS amazing story about an amazing woman and an amazing red dress. Lola is my current red dress. Read the story. You'll understand. And hopefully you'll bawl your eyes out like I did. That'll make me feel less silly, too. 

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