Saturday, September 3, 2011

Song Lyrics

Maybe I'm just strange, but music has always spoken to me in a way nothing else has. I love lyrics that put perfectly into words how I'm feeling at any given time. If you've ever had regular in-depth conversations with me about life you know you'll inevitably hear me say something like, "There's a song by so-and-so that explains exactly what we're talking about," followed by me quoting some random lines from said song.

I'm not sure why I've always been so drawn to music, but it's something that's always come naturally to me and it's something few people seem to really understand.

My love of song is so great that my one and only tattoo is the Weezer symbol. I think most would consider a band tattoo a mistake ("What if they start making music you hate?" "What if the band breaks up?" "What if you get tired of their music?"), but the symbolism behind it is so much deeper than that. Their music shaped the person I became, and many of their songs have memories, feelings, attachments to them that I will always treasure. That symbol represents so much more to me than just "some band."

That said, I'm going to start regularly posting lyrics to songs I've been listening to that represent how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking about at the time. I used to do the same in my hand-written journals and in a way it was a form of therapy for me. I love hearing music that helps me describe feelings that I would otherwise have a hard time articulating.

As for the song I'm thinking of tonight, it's one that has had deep meaning to me recently. Y'see folks, I haven't been the greatest wife lately. I've been in a bit of a funk (that I am thankfully finally pulling myself out of) and I've taken a lot of my frustrations out on my husband. But Sean - bless his heart - has taken everything so well and somehow continues to love and adore me despite it all. He's such an amazing guy and he is seriously the world's greatest father to our boys. In fact at this very moment he's downstairs on the sofa having his monthly "sleepover" with Tay - sweaty and uncomfortable and probably getting kicked in the crotch repeatedly by a sleeping, fidgety, lanky four-year-old.

I love Sean so much, and all day I've had this song stuck in my head that I'd like to dedicate to him. So without further introduction (since it seems I've already written a short novel), an excerpt from "Viking Heart" by Miniature Tigers:

Darlin', look how young we are
Wishing on the stars
Sleeping in your arms
We fit like a pair of beat up shoes
With nothin' left to prove
We can be ourselves

Darlin', you're the one
Please be good to me
No one loves you like I do
And until death do us part
You can have my viking heart

I love you, Mr. Nichols.

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