Friday, October 14, 2011

Blankie: Lost & Found

Last Friday I took the kiddies into the pediatrician so Ollie could get his flu shot booster and a weight check. Everything went fine and we had a great remainder of the day, but when bedtime came we couldn't find Taylor's super-special-had-it-since-he-was-a-baby-can't-sleep-without-it blanket. Sean and I turned the house and car upside-down three times and ran through the day's events again and again before we finally broke it to Taylor that blankie was lost and most likely got left at the doctor's office. Unfortunately because it was Friday we had to wait through the weekend to get it back. It was a rough, traumatic couple of days, but Sean drove to the pediatrician's office first thing Monday morning, picked up the blanket, and brought it straight home to Tay. The reunion was precious and all is once again peaceful (for the most part) here at the Nichols household.

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Nicole said...

I'm glad they are back together again! I love the way you write, Anne--you always keep me entertained!