Monday, October 24, 2011

Punkin Carving

Yesterday afternoon we spread out newspaper on our front porch, got out the carving kit, and started turning our pumpkins into masterpieces. I know I've mentioned this before, but pumpkin carving is NOT my favorite thing, mostly because just the smell of the pumpkin "guts" makes me gag. After years of just forcing myself to deal with it, I decided that Sean is now the official "Pumpkin-Gut-Scooper-Outer." I just get to do the fun part of cutting out designs and faces.

Taylor really, really wanted to help Sean scoop out the insides of the pumpkins until he actually saw them. Then he agreed with me - Daddy can do it.

Tay designed his very own pumpkin face this year and then Sean cut it out. He was so proud of his very own special pumpkin!

Now our porch is all decked out in spooky pumpkins. One week until Halloween!

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