Monday, October 3, 2011

10 Months

Yep, another month has gone by, and I can't help but wonder where on earth the time has gone! In a matter of weeks my little one will be a year old, and that just blows my mind.

In going over the pictures from this past month I had a really hard time finding any of Oliver that were in focus. I was a little disappointed at first, but then realized that the reason behind it is one of the biggest things I love about Ollie - he never sits still! This baby is so curious and brave and adventurous, which is awesome and also makes Mama insanely nervous.

Oliver typically spends his days doing the following:
- Peeking over all the baby gates we put up to contain him and screaming at us.
- Trying to get to all of Taylor's toys.
- Crawling after Tay as fast as he can even though he can never catch up to him.
- Eating absolutely everything in sight and then begging for more food.
- Turning the BluRay player on over and over again.
- Turning the tv volume up over and over again.
- Messing with the tv remote over and over again.
- Being told "no" by me over and over again.
- Laughing and shaking his head at me every time I tell him "no" and then continuing to do whatever it was I told him to stop doing.
- Dancing like crazy every time he hears a song.
- Crawling all over me and Tay every time we sit on the floor with him.
- Babbling and squealing and yodeling at the top of his lungs.

Oliver's sleep has improved ten fold since we started sleep training him at the beginning of last month. He's now sleeping 10-11 hours through the night, typically going down at about seven and waking up at six in the morning. It's been so nice to get some real sleep at night, and I think all of us are in a better mood in the morning because of it. As soon as we're sure that he's going to keep up this sleep schedule we'll move the boys into the same room.

Ollie is just a little ray of sunshine in my life and I'm so absolutely in love with both of my boys. Life is so good!

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