Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vineyard Garden Center

Today we took the boys to the Vineyard Garden Center here in Provo. We weren't planning on doing anything today because we're all still getting over our colds, but we were just so cooped up in the house and couldn't take it anymore. During October the garden center has a Pumpkinland set up for younger kids and we had an absolute blast there!

They've got a smaller, more kid-friendly corn maze that keeps kids entertained with little signs that have jokes you can read along the way, plus a secret hidden room that you can try to find in order to get a special treat. Tay loved it, even though there was quite a lot of walking involved.

Ollie got the "prince" treatment - Sean carried him around in the Kokopax the whole time.

Once you finish the maze they've got a petting zoo and fun houses and tunnels for the kiddies to play in.

They also had some big bounce houses set up, and this four-year-old cannot resist a bounce house under any circumstance.

I snapped some pics of the hubby and I while Taylor was playing. I love the second one with Ollie pulling my hair.

After our adventures we walked around with a big wagon and picked out our pumpkins. Taylor rode in the cart since he was tuckered out from all the walking.

We all had such a great time together as a family and will definitely be coming back every year. I love fall!

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