Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Fun Fishy First!

We had Oliver's birthday party at my aunt and uncle's house on Sunday evening. I decided to go with a fish theme because Ollie's very favorite book is "Friendly Floppy Fishy, What Do You Wish For?" I've spent the last couple of weeks making decorations and collecting serving platters for the party. I'll post more details about the items I made on my other blog.

I decided this year to make all the food myself, rather than giving assignments. This is partly because I didn't want to trouble anyone, and mostly because I'm a major control freak. Here's the spread, perfect for a one-year-old party: deli and pb&j sammies cut in the shape of fish, clementine oranges, veggies, goldfish crackers, and bowtie pasta chicken salad.

I made Ollie a little "smash cake" and then made cupcakes for everyone else. I wanted the cake and cupcakes to be really simple, so I just frosted them with light blue cream cheese frosting, added some sprinkles, and some honey graham goldfish crackers.

The decor was simple as well: blue balloons, streamers on the ceiling, and a felt birthday banner on the mirror above the mantle.

We had quite the turn-out! I think if we'd had one more person there people would have to start sitting on laps. I think next year we may try to reserve a room at Noah's so we have more room.

Oliver was a little confused with all the people there, but he was really social and even showed off his new walking skills for everyone.

Opening presents was a bit overwhelming for him. He hated opening a toy and then having it immediately taken away so he could open another gift. Plus it was pretty loud and there were lots of people taking pictures and videos. By the time we got to the last present he was done with the whole thing.

What on earth is up with this doofy expression on my face? It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I opened a few of the small gifts so he could play a while and then it was time for cake! He cried when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him because it was so loud, but was excited when I put the cake in front of him. This was the most hilarious part because he'd happily dig right in to the cake, then look down at his messy hand and start crying. We'd finally get him to have a bite, then he'd get excited, dig into the cake again, and cry about his messy hand. It was hilarious!

Trying to feed Aunt Kristi:

Once people started heading home Oliver seemed to relax a little and had fun crawling around the house while Sean, my mom, and I cleaned up afterward. It was a really fun night and it was amazing to celebrate my little munchkin's birthday. And now to plan for Christmas! (I think I'm going to need to sleep for about a month after December is over.)

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