Saturday, December 3, 2011


My little Ollie Bean is officially one year old today! It's taken me until tonight to make a blog post because my day has been consumed with decorating, baking, frosting, and cooking for his birthday party tomorrow.

I have really mixed feelings about my baby turning one. I love that he's so big and is learning new things every day, but I'm sad that my baby is growing up.

Some little facts about my bitty one-year-old:

- He is adventurous. He's always getting into mischief and looking for something new to explore.

- He's a good sleeper (for the most part). Ollie typically goes down to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up between 6 and 7 in the morning. He also takes two naps during the day, typically two hours long each.

- He thinks he's funny. He's already got this hilarious little fake laugh that he does whenever he does something that he thinks is funny. He cracks me up!

- Ollie loves playing with Taylor. He'll crawl right up to Tay and tackle him to the ground, laughing and squealing. Tay usually likes it, but sometimes it gets on his nerves.

- Oliver loves books. He's absolutely obsessed with them. He spends most of his day either sitting in a corner looking at books by himself or making one of us read him the same book again and again.

- He officially took his first steps a few days ago! He's already standing up on his own without any support and will take a few steps forward before he flops over. When he wants to go further he'll grab his walker and cruise across the room as fast as he can go.

- Ollie loves to eat. If he's grumpy all you have to do is offer him something to eat and he's happy as a chubby little clam. If you ever say the words "breakfast," "lunch," or "dinner," he'll make a beeline for the kitchen.

- Oliver's most common words/expressions: uh-oh, all done, dada, brother, hot dog, banana ("ana"), cracker, here you go ("her-doe"). Instead of calling me "mama," he calls me "da-do." Don't ask me why.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I really can't believe how fast times flies. It's amazing to me that one year ago today I was holding my little newborn baby in the hospital. He's grown so much and I wish I could slow down time and enjoy my little munchkin forever.

I could probably sit here for an hour and write about how much I love my little Ollie, but I've got to get back to baking cupcakes. I'm excited to celebrate with him tomorrow and watch him open presents and eat cake. Happy birthday, little one!

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Ty and Whitty said...

Happy birthday little man!