Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristi!

My sister's 22nd birthday is today and we had a party for her here at our house last night. Sean put together a slide show of pictures of Kristi from birth until now, and everyone got a kick out of watching it and eating chips and salsa while I made dinner - baked chimichangas and Spanish rice. It was sooo yummy and I loved having so many people here. My brother was a laugh and a half as usual, and Taylor was pretty well-behaved considering the fact that he hadn't taken a long enough nap before everyone arrived. Here are some pictures from our crazy Easter/birthday shindig.

The whole gang in my itty bitty living room:

Me with the birthday girl (my mouth was full of chips and salsa):

Pop yo' colla baby:

Watching the slideshow and scarfing down on chips and salsa:

Taylor texting his girlfriend - he's a lady killer already!

The cutest bunny I've ever seen:

It was a really great night and I hope that you have a very happy birthday, sis!!

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Annalee said...

what a fun birthday bash! this is annalee by the way! :) I finally started a blogger blog, so I need your e-mail so i can "invite" you!! I am so glad to hear about the good news with sean! YA!