Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yay for spring!!

Okay, so it's not technically spring yet, but I am LOVING this nice weather. I take Taylor for a walk or run almost every day now and it feels so great to get out in the fresh air. As a stay-at-home mom, it seems like I hibernated all winter long. I didn't have a car to go anywhere and I couldn't take Tay outside much because of the cold weather. You start losing your sanity a bit (I know you understand what I'm talking about, Christine!) and after a while it feels like you're a prisoner in baby land. Now that it's finally started to thaw outside, I just can't get enough of the outdoors. I love being able to see my lawn again, and we even have little baby tulip buds blooming everywhere.

A few days ago Sean and I took Taylor to the memorial park just a couple of blocks down from us. Last summer they put in a small playground and we can finally take advantage of it. Taylor absolutely LOVES the swings, which is no surprise to anyone who knew me as a kid. We had a swing in my grandma's backyard growing up and my parents swear that they could have put me in that thing and left me for hours without complaint. Pulling me out of the swing always illicited a HUGE teary, snotty temper tantrum - one I'm not looking forward to seeing from baby Tay. We also went down the slide a few times and I'm not sure he liked that as much as he liked the cute little girl that kept looking his way. He's such a flirt!

Here's a video of Taylor having fun in the swing:

It was a really fun day and I'm looking forward to many more walks and trips to the park this spring and summer. It's so much fun now that Taylor is a bit older and can really enjoy being outside.

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Christine said...

Awwwww so fun! We really do need to get together soon. Life is slightly crazy for me right now because I'm trying to catch up on homework. But once I'm caught up we'll have to have a play date. :-)