Monday, March 17, 2008

Our fun weekend

Sean and I always end up going into Salt Lake every weekend, and by Monday we are completely exhausted. We decided that this weekend we'd take a break from SLC and just hang out at home. MAN was that a great idea! Not only were we able to get a lot more done, but we had a lot more time to just lounge and relax. It's amazing how great it is having my hubby back, and Taylor loves being able to play with his daddy again. I think that - much to my family's disappointment - we'll be spending a lot more weekends here in Provo.

Here are some pictures we shot yesterday.

Tay with Daddy:

On Mommy's shoulders (he's definitely got his daddy's olive complexion; I look so pasty compared to him!):

Taylor's new trick - sticking his tongue out:

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