Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had so much fun on Memorial Day weekend! I actually felt good all three days which was a miracle, and we were determined to have a great kick-off to summer.

On Saturday we went with my sister and her boyfriend to Tracy Aviary at Liberty Park. I haven't been there since I was in elementary school and it has changed so much! It was a lot bigger and had more exhibits than I remember and it was really interesting to see so many different kinds of birds.

My favorites were the flamingos and the eagles. We also were able to go to the bird show which was really fun.

Taylor liked it, but also had a TON of energy and spent most of the time running...

...and running...

...and running.

After leaving the Aviary we went over to the fountains at the park so Taylor could play in the water. This has become his new favorite thing and we've been back several times since then to splash in the water and cool off our tootsies.

On Sunday we celebrated my brother's 23rd birthday at my dad's house. We had pizza for dinner and after cake and ice cream the boys had a huge Nerf ball fight and Taylor had an absolute blast. He loves being a big boy.

Monday my mom took us to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. It was quite a drive, but TOTALLY worth it. This place is a little boy's dream! It's basically a huge park with large dinosaur statues everywhere. They've also got a museum, playground, cafe, and gift shop. We were there for so long and still weren't able to see everything before Taylor got tired and was ready to leave.

This is by far my very favorite picture from the park (who else thinks Sean should make this his Facebook profile picture?):

We had a great holiday weekend and it was a great way to welcome the sunny season. We plan on doing a lot of fun things this summer, including our first camping trip some time in July. I love summer!


Nicole said...

that place looks awesome! landon would go crazy with excitement there! and sean looks too happy for being that dinosaur's soon-to-be dinner!!

Nicole said...

i forgot to say that Taylor is the picture of cuteness and i like the new look of your blog!! :-)

temaire said...

I am so glad you had 3 non-sick days! Yay! I hope it starts to be a common occurance. :)