Friday, June 25, 2010

A week in review

This last week has been nothing short of crazy. Between moving, unpacking, and celebrating both our anniversary and my birthday, we've been busy around here to say the least. I'll attempt to catch up in one post, and I apologize in advance for not including pictures.

We packed up our apartment up in Salt Lake last Friday and Saturday morning we headed back to Orem. The move went pretty smooth and we had a lot of family and friends who helped us. I was a little stressed about the move but felt right at home our first night here. There are so many things I missed about Orem and I'm really happy to be back. I've worked hard this last week to get every box unpacked and everything organized in it's proper place, and I'm so happy with the way our home looks now. Once I get around to it I'll post pictures.

Tuesday was our 8th wedding anniversary. I honestly have a hard time believing we've been married so long. Guess time flies when you're having fun! We didn't do much for our anniversary, but I did manage to make some yummy chocolate caramel brownies that we had with Martinelli's that night.

I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be married to Sean. He and I think so much alike and we work so well as a couple and as a team. He's so sensitive to my needs and always puts his family first. I just absolutely adore him and all he does for me and Tay.

Yesterday was my 26th birthday and I was SO spoiled this year! I spent the day cleaning and organizing our house (sounds boring, but I LOVE having a clean house) and preparing the soil in our garden area to plant flowers. That afternoon I got to go to lunch with three of my favorite men - Sean, Tay, and my dad. My Aunt Holly came over with her girls and brought me the most delicious cupcakes ever, and my mom stopped by to bring me apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Mmm... Last night Sean, Tay, and I went to dinner and then went shopping. I've been so frustrated with trying to find cute things to wear that are comfortable for my growing belly, and I had a blast last night at Ross, Old Navy, and Motherhood Maternity buying clothes that actually fit me. As a matter of fact I may or may not have done a little jig in the dressing rooms on several occasions because I was so excited. After Taylor went to bed last night Sean and I curled up on the sofa and watched So You Think You Can Dance before I zonked out for the night. I had a great day, and thanks to all of you who wished me well via Facebook, calls, and texts. I feel so loved!

It's been a hectic week, but I've had so much fun too. We've only been here six days and already I feel at home. I take Taylor over to the playground at our apartment complex almost every day, and we've already been to the pool twice since moving here. I'm excited to be really active this summer and to make the most of the warm weather.

I hope you're all enjoying your summer too!


Cathy Brooksby said...

Happy Birthday, and Anniversery. Sorry I missed it.
Love ya

Nicole said...

I am the worst friend! Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was perfect! You deserve everything good that happens to you! I'm glad you like living in your new place and we are excited to see it and you!! i will give you a call when i get a free minute to work out when we can come see you guys--things have been super busy and crazy since we've been traveling everywhere and going to family reunions. i can't wait to meet your cute little baby bump!!!